Thursday, December 9, 2010

PPP World Premiere!


exciting news everyone. if you live in or around Southern California, the time has finally come for you to watch our film! Peach Plum Pear was not only accepted into the 2010 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in Hollywood, we were also given the awards for Best Picture and our lead actress Alanna Masterson was named Best Actress! we are beyond excited!

the festival is being held next Wednesday and Thursday, December 15th and 16th, and Peach Plum Pear will be screening at 8:00pm on Thursday the 16th at the following address:

Regent Showcase Cinema
614 N. La Brea Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90036

you can buy your tickets HERE:

make sure to click the little drop down box and purchase tickets for Thursday December 16th at 5:00pm and not Wednesday, otherwise you will not be let in. tickets are $10 and that covers not only Peach Plum Pear's screening, but all other films being screened on that day as well as the Awards Ceremony where we will be presented with our Best Picture and Best Actress awards.

thank you all for being so patient while we build this little film of ours. your constant support and interest means more to us than we can explain via the world wide web.

hopefully we'll see you all on the 16th!

the Peach Plum Pear team

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  1. Omg!!! Great! <3 :D Hope watch it soon... Hey..
    This movie will be here in Mexico? D: Please say yes! Can't wait to watch it <3 :3